[#VIRTUAL] OPEN TALK (AI): Dataset Design for Legally Clean, Technically Superior AI Development

Michael Osterrieder
vAIsual, Co-Founder and CEO

With nearly two decades of IP licensing experience, combined with a portfolio over over 40.000 images and 12.000 footage clips, Michael has sold over 500.000 media licenses & participated in numerous design and online marketing projects. He is the co-founder and CEO of vAIsual, an artificial intelligence company creating synthetic media for the B2B IP licensing market. 

With data being the oil of machine learning, the adage “garbage in, garbage out” could not be truer. When I began to build the technology for photos on demand, I quickly realized that using scraped data presented both technical and legal minefields. As a result we at vAIsual decided to create our own datasets with professional, studio photography and GDPR compliant model releases. In this presentation I will explain how the lighting conditions and work flow for dataset design compliments the latest algorithms to deliver photo realistic images.