[#VIRTUAL] OPEN TALK (API): Building an API Monetization Stack

Matt Tanner
Moesif, Head of Developer Relations

Matt is the Head of Developer Relations at Moesif, helping developers and product managers understand and use API analytics and the Moesif platform to their benefit. He is passionate about APIs, startups, and technical architecture. Matt has worked as a developer, tech lead, and architect for some of the largest financial institutions and insurers in Canada. He is always dabbling in the latest tech and applying this to his own ventures in technology. 

Have APIs that you want to use to build revenue? Currently experiencing headaches from existing monetized APIs? Regardless, chances are that you have API resources that others are willing to pay for. The toughest part? Figuring out how to build the right stack for seamless and easy API monetization. In this talk, we will discuss the components of a technology stack that are required when trying to monetize your APIs.

We will cover how to choose a billing provider, API management's role in monetization, and how to bring it all together in an end-to-end solution. By the end of this talk, listeners will have a better understanding of exactly what it takes to build a robust monetization solution for their APIs.