[#VIRTUAL] OPEN TALK (API): Getting to Cloud-Native

Timo Stark
NGINX, Developer Advocate

Timo has been a passionate web developer for more than 15 years, having started when he was just 12 years old. He started his professional career as a web developer and solutions architect in the automotive industry. He joined the NGINX product group at F5 as a Professional Services Engineer in February 2020 and focuses on helping customers integrate NGINX products into their solutions. Outside of work, he volunteers as a firefighter. 

With surprisingly few exceptions, cloud-native apps are not created, but migrated.
Taking our existing apps from monolith goes through stages including refactoring and re-architecting.
But how do you get there without total disruption?
Nginx Unit, an open source universal web app server, makes it approachable to move as needed.
By hosting the “old” API stack during lift and shift operations, Unit keeps the production apps running.
And since Unit supports broader needs of languages and control (even security), it provides an easier and controlled method of moving to a “new” API stack in our cloud-native adaptive applications.
Find out more about how Unit provides the universal web app server we need on our journey.