[#VIRTUAL] PRO TALK (AI): Leveraging Automated Machine Learning to Enable Anyone to Develop Machine Learning Solutions

Hugo Barona
Ergo, Cloud Solution Architect

Hugo is a Cloud Solutions Architect and Microsoft Azure enthusiast, specialized in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Stack, and design and develop Cloud solutions.
He works as an independent contractor, helping customers to migrate existing applications to Azure and deliver Azure cloud-based solutions to enable digital transformation.
Also, he is a tech community contributor and public speaker in local tech communities and conferences.
Hugo is a passionate person for technology, innovation, and new challenges. 

Nowadays, several business owners know that leveraging Artificial Intelligence capabilities, on their systems and applications, can enable their businesses to achieve better results. But building Artificial Intelligence solutions may be a time-consuming and complex process, so consequently, some of these people give up of building such solutions, since they or their team do not have the expertise and capacity required, or sometimes they end-up paying to third-party companies to build these solutions and as a consequence, they end-up doing a significant investment on building these solutions. Azure Automated Machile Learning is the solution to enable anyone to build the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions at low cost and with the best quality possible.