[#VIRTUAL] PRO TALK (API): How Low-Code API Management Is the Cure to API Sprawl

Rakshith Rao
Apiwiz, Co-founder and CEO

Rakshith Rao is co-founder and CEO of API lifecycle management platform Apiwiz. Since 2005, Rakshith has undertaken enterprise technical sales leadership roles, including at HP, Apigee, Google, and DataStax. He has a particular passion for helping enterprises enhance customer and developer experience, driving business growth via new business models. Rakshith enjoys connecting with technical communities through public speaking and events, sharing what he's learned, linking innovation and digital transformation with internal culture shifts. His time off is spent with his two daughters. 

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of developers like the terms no-code and low-code (except maybe AI). DevOps has us wanting to move fast and automate everything, but we don’t want low-code platforms to replace developers' jobs! A survey of 600 engineers had them reflect on what they wish they could spend less time on: 37% spent on manual testing of changes/writing scripts; 35% spent on refactoring old code; and only 33% spent on writing code for new features. In this talk we will discuss how low-code API management can increase developer productivity and raise developer potential by allowing them to focus on creative problem-solving. All through a single, organization-wide view.