[#VIRTUAL] PRO Workshop (API): Crafting a Simpler Developer Experience for APIs with UI Kits

API World -- VIP Workshop Room

Jayson DeLancey
Dolby.io, Sr. Manager, Developer Experience

Jayson spent 15+ years as a software engineer with development experience at companies including The MathWorks (MATLAB), Rackspace (OpenStack Cloud) and DreamWorks Animation (Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek).

He now leads Developer Relations for Dolby.io and has spoken at various conferences including AWS re:Invent, O'Reilly Software Architecture, GlueCon, Intel Developer Forum, DeveloperWeek, PyCon, Pivotal SpringOne, DevSpace, Open IoT Summit, Silicon Valley Code Camp, etc. 

Angelik Laboy Torres
Dolby.io, Developer Advocate

Angelik Laboy Torres has been programming since she had knowledge of what it was. Whether it was creating wearable technologies to detect stress levels or a non-invasive method to detect types of diabetes, Laboy found intrigue in discovering how to think outside the box. For these, she has been recognized with many allocates such as Intel Excellence in Computer Science, National Award Winner with NCWIT Aspirations in Computing, Yale Science & Engineering Association, Air Force, and the Organization of American States.

Simultaneously, a side of her was compelled in partaking in the creation of stories and their influence in shaping culture. Through directing creative projects in both live-action and XR, Laboy has showcased her talents across distinct film festivals, including Cannes Film Festival. Now at Dolby Laboratories, Angelik has found both sides merging as a Developer Advocate for the award-winning Dolby.io as they keep pushing the boundaries on high-quality media solutions. 

Developer Experience (DevEx or DX if you prefer) is all about creating an environment where APIs can be used successfully by the end-user, a software developer.

This session will take a look at examples and better practices for crafting a DX that puts the needs of a developer for adoption first as the metric of success. Designing Low-Code APIs and UI Kits can be an effective way of making the easy things easy and the hard things possible.