[#VIRTUAL] PRO Workshop (API): Building an API Orchestrator

Jeu George
Orkes.io, Co-Founder and CEO

Experienced Leader and Software Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the tech industry, in both large scale consumer and enterprise (Netflix, Microsoft) and startups (Pinkvilla). Specialities include Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, Java, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, AWS, .NET Framework, C#, C++, PHP, Databases (SQL and NoSql). Security 

Microservices adoption has gone mainstream beyond the tech giants today.  They have become even more relevant as the companies take on the cloud journey and start to break down their monolithic architecture into Microservices.  This includes both business processes and data processing pipelines.  Of course, now instead of one big monolith application that can fail, you have dozens of smaller applications, each with its own failure surface area.

In this talk, we will present strategies to build resilient, distributed stateful applications in a hybrid cloud environment at scale that powers the likes of Netflix and many other businesses at scale.  We will dive deeper into the architecture of Netflix Conductor and how it allows you to seamlessly handle common concerns around failures, rate limits and scaling stateful systems as easily as a stateless service.