[#VIRTUAL] PRO Workshop (API): What You Need to Know Before Launching Your API

Tom Hacohen
Svix, Founder & CEO

Tom is the founder and CEO of Svix, the enterprise ready webhooks service, which is backed by Y Combinator, Aleph, and founders and CTOs of companies such as Github, PagerDuty, Segment, and Lookout.

He has previously led teams at both the Israeli intelligence corps and Samsung, and has been an active open source contributor and maintainer for over a decade. 

APIs are everywhere. It doesn't matter whether you're building a CRM, a chat platform, or an e-commerce product, your customers will want an API. It's no wonder, as APIs are powerful and enable integrations, automations (both code and no-code), and a variety of other use-cases. In fact, APIs are so useful, that there are now many examples of successful API-only products.
Building an API product, however, comes with its own unique set of challenges, which unlike their UI-driven counterparts, are much harder to fix once done wrong. In a world where developer experience is king, and security issues are rampant, getting any of these wrong may mean the life or death of your product.
In this talk Tom will cover the main things you need to consider when building an API product, covering topics such as high-availability, API design, SDKs, security, and compliance. Tom will draw examples from his experience building a successful API business, and the experiences of fellow founders of API driven products and companies.