[#VIRTUAL] PRO Workshop (API): Going Real Time with Live Queries and Subscription

Rishiraj Anand
Red hat, Senior Software Engineer

I love open source and its possibilities to take our current generation of tech to the next level. I like to read and think about future technologies that will make everyone's life easier than it already is. I speak on various topics mainly related to making development faster, easier and fun. I love blogging, meeting more like minded people and humorous presentations. 

Graphql live queries and subscriptions have a strong case while thinking about creating real time web apps. While both approaches converge to trying to keep the client state in sync with the server, they differ in ways in which they are implemented and give rise to new patterns altogether. By understanding how they behave under the hood, we can decide the best approach based on our use case.

The session will focus on solving problems while designing architecture of real time applications. We’ll talk about some common architectures developers follow while designing resilient RTA apps. When starting to bring Real time use cases discussion of any app, there are certain challenges developers face while using the javascript ecosystem. Graphql, while already boosting application performance and development time can solve challenges pertaining to RTA apps out of box. Why listening to data changes in live queries could make more sense for graphql clients than listening for events in graphql subscriptions. We'll compare pros and cons of these approaches and talk about solutions where we might need a combination of both.