[#VIRTUAL] PRO Workshop (API): OpenAPI3 + Istio = Zero Overhead API Routing

Rakesh Ajmera
Intuit, Principal Software Engineer

Rakesh is a Principal Software Engineer on API Management Platform team at Intuit based in Mountain View, CA. Using his background in API development and with insight from his extensive software development experience, he has successfully built API Platforms designed to easily create API-first projects without compromising extensibility and flexibility at various organizations. He spends a significant amount of time evangelizing API-first design and development to drive business value. 

Siva Thiru
Intuit, Senior Software Engineer

Siva is a senior software engineer on the API Management Platform team at Intuit based in MountainView, CA. He works on building features for API Platform where developers can author, mock, explore and share APIs with other developers. Prior to Intuit, Siva worked at American Express where he was part of the cloud transformation journey in building a private cloud infrastructure and modernization/migration of applications to PaaS cloud. During his free time, he enjoys going on hikes and runs a couple of marathons every year. 

API-as-a-Product is an emerging concept in the software development sphere. Speed in API development and delivery is becoming increasingly important. Open API 3 enables faster and collaborative API development and its custom extensions can be leveraged to augment API contracts with additional functionality. Here at Intuit we built a system that uses Open API spec, Istio Service Mesh and other extensions to dynamically generate the runtime and enable zero overhead routing for the orchestration APIs. Istio VirtualService is used to create the routing layer with zero overhead to enable faster API delivery. This zero overhead routing supports API patterns like aggregation, transformation and proxy and can be used uniformly across both north-south (via API Gateway on Service Mesh) and east-west traffic. Such an API orchestration runtime and routing will allow you to create and present new and elegant APIs on top of existing APIs while adhering to industry best practices. Come and learn how Intuit’s API Management Platform team built a low code / no code zero overhead routing for orchestration APIs using OpenAPI3 and Istio.