PRO Workshop (API): Geo-Distributed GraphQL: Building a Scalable and Resilient API Layer

API World -- Workshop Stage A

Denis Magda
Yugabyte, Head of DevRel

Denis Magda has spent half of his career working on distributed systems, applications, and databases. His experience spans from the development of distributed database engines and high-performance applications to training and education on the topic of distributed and cloud computing. Presently, Denis runs the Developer Relations team at Yugabyte and serves a PMC Member for Apache Ignite. He started his professional career at Sun Microsystems and Oracle, where he led a Java development group and worked on evangelism efforts. 

You can provision a cloud native GraphQL API layer and start serving applications within minutes. However, readying this layer for production workloads has its challenges. For starters, what if the number of requests grows 2x, 10x, or 100x? Or, what if the data volume goes from 10GB to 100GB and then 1TB? And what if a cloud availability zone that hosts the API layer experiences outages? Lastly, what if your API layer needs to serve user requests with low latency across distant countries and continents.

Join this hands-on session where we’ll build a geo-distributed GraphQL API layer that tolerates major cloud outages, serves user requests with low latency regardless of whereabouts, and easily complies with data residency requirements when expanding to new territories.