PRO Workshop (API): So You Want to Split Your Monolith: First Steps

Joy Ebertz
Split, Principal Engineer

Joy is a Principal Software Engineer at, focusing primarily on backend.  Prior to Split, she worked at Box, where she tried her hand at management for a short while before transitioning back to an individual contributor role.  She also has experience at a tiny startup and at Microsoft.  In addition to designing software and writing a lot of code, she also maintains a blog: ; In her free time, she does a lot of traveling, reading and running ridiculously long distances (mostly on trails). 

It's very common to attempt to split a monolith into microservices and more and more companies are starting down this path.  But how do you even approach this problem? It's a giant task and getting started can be very daunting.  In this talk, I will draw on my experience at both Box and Split, as well as the research that I've done on the topic to discuss getting started with splitting up a monolith.  I will cover the strangler fig and big bang patterns as well as how to think about selecting services and ways to test your new services, including load and parity testing.  I will also mix in some of our actual experiences as we went down this path.