PRO Workshop (API): The BFFs and BAEs of API Development

API World -- Workshop Stage A

Junaid Warwani
Jetty, Director of Engineering

Junaid is fascinated by how startups grow from ideas into mature, sustainable companies. To learn more about this process, he has worked at companies of all sizes, from 6-person startups to tech giants, to help them build software systems and technology teams. He currently works as a Director of Engineering at Jetty where they are making renting easier and more affordable. He also volunteers his time as an Advisor for AI For Anyone, a non-profit with a mission to improve AI literacy. 

Building APIs that support multiple user experiences in a complex domain often means using microservices — but while microservices are great for developing, they can be more challenging for your API users and for cross-platform integrations. This is how we use BFFs (Backend-For-Frontend) and BAEs (Backend-Async-Events) at Jetty to alleviate this problem