Script Reading

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Script Reading Workshop: Something Stolen

Comedy Feature Second Round
By David Zorn

Logline:When a priceless heirloom wedding ring with a storied history of getting lost in bizarre circumstances is stolen by a violent Canadian drug kingpin, a mild-mannered groom must find his inner badass and prove himself worthy of his predecessors by stealing it back before the wedding.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Script Reading Workshop: Black Box

When four unwitting teens discover the wreckage of a crashed time machine, they find themselves thrust into the middle of a conspiracy that threatens to unhinge time itself.
Writer: Brian Siegele

Script Reading Workshop: After the Fall

Finalist Play
By Miki Kim

Logline:Abby, a pregnant lawyer caring for her father must defend a Hmong man accused of murdering four white hunters. The case and an enigmatic nurse caring for her dad, forces her to face the world of war she was born in but has ignored most of her life.

Script Reading: The Cinco

The Cinco (the five families of barbecue) is a satirical look at the bizarre struggles of a non-violent mafia tethered to meat, as five houses vie for bell cow status. Though the heartbeat of the series will be the barbecue fronts of each eccentric family, every episode will be contrasted against something bigger than mouthwatering short ribs, perfectly balanced pinto beans and butcher paper plates. The Cinco is a sprawling look at Texas, highlighting the dichotomy between its big business boomtowns and the explosion of money seeping into its wide-open spaces.

Written by Trey Selman

Must have an AFF Producers, Conference, Weekend, Lone Star Badge, or Film Pass to attend.

Script Reading: Last Looks


Last Looks finds two of Austin's finest actors, Guy Swanson and Derrick Araby, dazed and confused and living as roommates as they close in on their 5th decade on the planet. At its core the show dives into what it means to have never given up on your dreams, while having very, very little to show for it. These guys are in the third act of their lives without having the chance or good fortune to have been appreciated in the first two acts. And in this last chapter of their careers, they stare down the question: what happens if you're not even a late bloomer?

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Script Reading Workshop: The Shit Show: An American Allegory Workshop

Finalist Play

Writer: Leelee Jackson

Aliens exiled from planet Nah are sent to America to pose as a white family who are forced to decide their role in Blackness... while inviting you to do the same.

Script Reading: ILSA

ILSA is a one-woman play about what happened after the film Casablanca (“from Lisbon on”). It tells the story of Ilsa’s life with Victor Laszlo, in America, where they remain at the end of the Second World War. The play is an exploration of the truths and limits of love (and the inescapable presence of Rick Blaine), set against a backdrop of post-war American, in some of its finer days.

Written by William Benton, Directed by Richard Maxwell, Starring Kate O’Toole

Must have an AFF Producers, Conference, Weekend, Lone Star Badge, or Film Pass to attend.

Script Reading Workshop: Driver’s Ed

Semifinalist Teleplay Comedy Pilot

By Laura Townsend

Logline: Ed, an absentminded and unemployed single father, finally has a chance to provide his daughters with a comfortable lifestyle when he inherits his mother's driver's education school. There's just a slight problem: Ed doesn't know how to drive.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Script Reading Workshop: Homemade

Play Finalist

By Josh Levine

Gays. Lesbians. Home Insemination kits. What could possibly go wrong? HOMEMADE is a poignant, comedic look at the complicated and mysterious process of creating a new family.

Script Reading Workshop: Hold Your Peace

Semifinalist Drama Teleplay
By Dillon Magrann-Wells

Longline: When a reformed art thief is released from prison, he sets out to reconnect with his estranged daughter by showing up unannounced to her wedding. Not long after, he discovers that the whole ceremony is actually a cover for an art heist of her own.

Script Reading: Peace

Seth and Amy are in love. Seth and Amy are getting married. Their best friend Cassandra is thrilled they're finally tying the knot. She's besides herself.

... she just maybe has a couple of teeny, tiny little things she wants to get off her chest before she forever holds her peace. 

Join Gabriel Urbina, creator and head writer of Wolf 359 and the co-creator of the new anthology series Zero Hours, as he brings you another darkly funny story about romance, revenge, and what people do when they think their world is ending.