Playwriting Track

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Playwriting Track: From Stage to Page – Screenwriting as a Playwright

Sit down for a conversation that ventures off the screen, onto the stage, and then back again. Featuring a panel of writers who have worked in both theatre, film, and television, this discussion will pull back the curtain on ways their experiences as playwrights have positively affected their craft as screenwriters.

Must have an AFF Producers, Conference, Weekend, or Lone Star Badge for entry.

Script Reading: ILSA

ILSA is a one-woman play about what happened after the film Casablanca (“from Lisbon on”). It tells the story of Ilsa’s life with Victor Laszlo, in America, where they remain at the end of the Second World War. The play is an exploration of the truths and limits of love (and the inescapable presence of Rick Blaine), set against a backdrop of post-war American, in some of its finer days.

Written by William Benton, Directed by Richard Maxwell, Starring Kate O’Toole

Must have an AFF Producers, Conference, Weekend, Lone Star Badge, or Film Pass to attend.