Friday, October 25, 2019

We Are Austin Live Show

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Creators, filmmakers, panels, films, parties and more! We are excited to welcome We Are Austin on Friday, October 25 for a live show at Stephen F's Bar! Be a member of the LIVE audience as Trevor Scott & Taylor EllisonĀ interview special guests: Hannah Leder (writer/director The Planters), Zak Hilditch (writer/director Rattlesnake), and Jon Cozart (filmmaker/musician/content creator PAINT) from the Festival & Conference!

Open to all badge levels!
There will be a bag check since the show is live!

Student Empowerment through Filmmaking and Storytelling presented by Macmillan Learning and Cinema Ed

Can making a film also make you a better student? Experiential data and practical experience support the notion that filmmaking and storytelling help connect students to their studies and to future success in the workplace. Come listen as we discuss how the process of writing and shooting a student film helps lift up educational pursuits and prepares our next generation of innovative and creative thinkers. A panelist from Macmillan Learning, who facilitate teaching and learning opportunities, will join film and education experts and a student filmmaker to get to the heart of how storytelling can empower students in all their studies.

This panel is presented by Macmillan Learning and Cinema Ed.