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Monday, October 4, 2021

Women in Tech Summit
Women in Tech Summit Opening Remarks
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Jeannie Edmunds (She/Her)
Jeannie Edmunds (She/Her) Startup Companies, Advisor/Mentor
Kelsi Kamin (She/Her)
Kelsi Kamin (She/Her) Living Security, Chief of Staff
Courteney Real (She/Her)
Courteney Real (She/Her) Capital Factory, Venture Partnerships Manager
Women in Tech Summit
Women in Tech $100,000 Investment Challenge
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Leigh Christie (She/Her)
Leigh Christie (She/Her) Beam Angel Network, CEO & Executive Director
Samina Farid (She/Her)
Samina Farid (She/Her) Farid Ventures and Golden Seeds, Managing Director
Lisa Besserman (She/Her)
Lisa Besserman (She/Her) expa, Managing Director
Lissie Garvin (She/Her)
Lissie Garvin (She/Her) Seven Seven Six, Founding Team, Chief of Staff

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Fundraising Track
Texas Startup Fundraising in 2021: A Record-Breaking Year
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Kerry Rupp (She/Her)
Kerry Rupp (She/Her) True Wealth Ventures, General Partner
Eric Engineer (He/Him)
Eric Engineer (He/Him) S3 Ventures, Venture Partner
Krishna Srinivasan
Krishna Srinivasan LiveOak Venture Partners, Founding Partner
Thomas Ball
Thomas Ball Next Coast Ventures, Managing Director/co-Founder
Kip McClanahan (He/Him)
Fundraising Track
Founder Fireside Chat
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Scott Craig (He/Him)
Scott Craig (He/Him) Latham & Watkins, Partner
Lauren Washington (She/Her)
Lauren Washington (She/Her) Fundr, Cofounder and CEO
Sarah Puil (She/Her)
Sarah Puil (She/Her) BOXT, Founder + CEO
Katherine Allen (She/Her)
Katherine Allen (She/Her) Flo Recruit, Co-Founder, CEO
Fundraising Track
Founders and Funders: The Fundraising Gap
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Lisa Besserman (She/Her)
Lisa Besserman (She/Her) expa, Managing Director
Bre Cruickshank (She/Her)
Bre Cruickshank (She/Her) Radical Girl Gang, CEO
Janice Omadeke (She/Her)
Janice Omadeke (She/Her) The Mentor Method, CEO and Founder
Heather Buffo (She/Her)
Heather Buffo (She/Her) Republic, Venture Growth & Partnerships Lead
Holly Tachovsky (She/Her)
Holly Tachovsky (She/Her) ISO, Chief Innovation Officer
New to Austin Track
Why I Moved My Company to Austin
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Brandon Cates (He/Him)
Brandon Cates (He/Him) Ametrine Inc., CEO
Joshua Baer
Joshua Baer Capital Factory, Founder & CEO
Amy Sun (She/Her)
Amy Sun (She/Her) Daylight, Founder
Nicole Cardoza (She/Her)
Nicole Cardoza (She/Her) Reclamation Ventures, Founder, CEO
John Henry (He/Him)
John Henry (He/Him) Loop, Co-CEO

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Space Track Presented by AWS
Intro to the Space Track presented by AWS
Rich Julien (He/Him)
Rich Julien (He/Him) Amazon Web Services, Public Sector VC and Startups Lead for National Security and Space
Jorge Manresa (He/Him)
Jorge Manresa (He/Him) Capital Factory, Vice President - Industrial Capacity Expansion & Federal & Defense Programs
Marketing & Branding Track
Managing a 360-Customer View as a Start-Up
Jon Loyens (He/Him)
Jon Loyens (He/Him), Chief Product Officer
Heather Hildebrand (She/Her)
Heather Hildebrand (She/Her) Accenture Interactive, Managing Director
Djordje Jankovic (He/Him)
Djordje Jankovic (He/Him) Planoly, VP, Product
Space Track Presented by AWS
Women in Space presented by AWS
Sarah “Sassie” Duggleby (She/Her)
Sarah “Sassie” Duggleby (She/Her) Venus Aerospace, Co-Founder and CEO
Laura Crabtree (She/Her)
Laura Crabtree (She/Her) Epsilon3, Inc., CEO
Ligeia Zeruto
Ligeia Zeruto Amazon Web Services (AWS), WWPS Global Alliance Manager
Marketing & Branding Track
From the Ground Up: Foundational Strategies for Building a Community Around your Startup
Christina Garnett (She/Her)
Christina Garnett (She/Her) HubSpot, Senior Marketing Manager, Offline Community and Advocacy
Christopher Cantu (He/Him)
Christopher Cantu (He/Him) SXSW, Social Media Manager
Marjorie Anderson (She/Her)
Marjorie Anderson (She/Her) Community by Association LLC, Founder
Tom Weingarten (He/Him)
Tom Weingarten (He/Him) Overtime, Head of Social Media, Overtime
Space Track Presented by AWS
Student Feature - Texas Rocket Engineering Lab presented by AWS
Daryl Schuck (He/Him)
Daryl Schuck (He/Him) Amazon Web Services, Principal Business Development Manager
Adam Norwitz
Adam Norwitz Texas Rocket Engineering Lab, Head of Corporate Development
Greg Gaasche
Greg Gaasche Texas Rocket Engineering Lab, Corporate Development Lead
Lauren Rodriguez
Lauren Rodriguez Texas Rocket Engineering Lab, Chief Engineer
Space Track Presented by AWS
How to Build a Space Business presented by AWS
Bryan Chambers (He/Him)
Bryan Chambers (He/Him) Capital Factory, VP Ventures
Will Edwards (He/Him)
Will Edwards (He/Him) Firehawk Aerospace Inc., CEO
Rich Julien (He/Him)
Rich Julien (He/Him) Amazon Web Services, Public Sector VC and Startups Lead for National Security and Space
Health Tech Track
Fireside Chat with Shawna Butler and Vonda Wright
Shawna Butler (She/Her)
Shawna Butler (She/Her) See You Now podcast, Host
Dr. Vonda Wright (She/Her)
Dr. Vonda Wright (She/Her) Hughston Orthopaedics SE, Orthopedic Surgeon & President
Developer Track
Lessons Learned: Developer Career Growth and Scaling Journeys
Brian Wood (He/Him)
Brian Wood (He/Him) Living Security, Vice President of Engineering
Sam Scharr (She/Her)
Sam Scharr (She/Her) InsightSquared, Senior Engineer
Meetesh Karia (He/Him)
Meetesh Karia (He/Him) The Zebra, CTO / CDO
Brian Dainton (He/Him)
Brian Dainton (He/Him) Verkout, Founder
Damon Clinkscales
Damon Clinkscales H-E-B, Engineering Manager
Health Tech Track
The Future is Femtech
Brittany Barreto, PhD (She/Her)
Brittany Barreto, PhD (She/Her) Coyote Ventures & FemTech Focus, General Partner
Kiki Freedman (She/Her)
Kiki Freedman (She/Her) Hey Jane, Co-founder and CEO
Sigi Marmorstein (She/Her)
Sigi Marmorstein (She/Her) BabyLiveAdvice, CEO and Founder
Dr. Fahimeh Sasan (She/Her)
Dr. Fahimeh Sasan (She/Her) Kindbody, Founding Physician OB/GYN & Chief Medical Officer
Marketing & Branding Track
Company vs Personal Brands: How Founders Can Align and Differentiate the Two
Brianne Fleming (She/Her)
Brianne Fleming (She/Her) University of Florida, Communications Instructor
Amanda Goetz (She/Her)
Amanda Goetz (She/Her) House of Wise, CEO, Founder
Anthony Gantt (He/Him)
Anthony Gantt (He/Him) At Ease Rentals Corporation, CEO & Founder
Adam Singer (He/Him)
Adam Singer (He/Him) LEX Markets [], VP Marketing
Health Tech Track
Pediatric Mental Health & Community Interventions
Ben Kurian (He/Him)
Ben Kurian (He/Him) BCBS TX, Executive Medical Director, Risk Identification and Outreach
JoAnn Welch (She/Her)
JoAnn Welch (She/Her) C1 Innovation Lab/Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Executive Director, Operational Performance
Laurie G. Combe (She/Her)
Laurie G. Combe (She/Her) Combe Consulting, Consultant - School Health & School Nursing; Immediate Past-President National Association of School Nurses
Dr. Karin Price (She/Her)
Dr. Karin Price (She/Her) Texas Children's Hospital, Chief of Psychology
Laurie Klose (She/Her)
Laurie Klose (She/Her) National Association of School Psychlogists, President, 2021-22

Thursday, October 7, 2021

IP Track: IP Protection for Early Stage Companies
Positioning IP for Investors and Exits
Jeffrey Thatcher (He/Him)
Jeffrey Thatcher (He/Him) Spectral MD, Inc., Chief Scientist
Troy Hartzell (He/Him)
Troy Hartzell (He/Him) Evolution Capital Advisors, Managing Partner
Mauricio Uribe (He/Him)
Mauricio Uribe (He/Him) Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, Partner
Rose Marie Thiessen, Ph.D., J.D. (She/Her)
Rose Marie Thiessen, Ph.D., J.D. (She/Her) SynEfx, LLC, Founder/Member
IP Track: IP Protection for Early Stage Companies
Breakouts: Ask an IP Attorney Specialist – Insights and Experiences
Mauricio Uribe (He/Him)
Mauricio Uribe (He/Him) Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, Partner
Bryan McWhorter (He/Him)
Bryan McWhorter (He/Him) Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, Partner
Sabing Lee (He/Him)
Sabing Lee (He/Him) Knobbe Martens, Partner
Eric Furman
Eric Furman Knobbe Martens, Partner
Nicole Townes (She/Her)
Nicole Townes (She/Her) Knobbe Martens, Partner
Paul Stellman (He/Him)
Paul Stellman (He/Him) Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP, Partner
Maria Čulić Anderson (She/Her)
Maria Čulić Anderson (She/Her) Knobbe Martens, Partner
Vladimir Lozan (He/Him)
Vladimir Lozan (He/Him) Knobbe Martens, Registered Patent Attorney
Jessica Achtsam (She/Her)
Jessica Achtsam (She/Her) Knobbe Martens, Partner
Christy Lea (She/Her)
Christy Lea (She/Her) Knobbe Martens, Partner
Social Impact Track
Economic Mobility and Environmental Sustainability: An Austin-centric Approach
Bart Bohn (He/Him)
Bart Bohn (He/Him) Root Aspen, Founder
Daniel Culotta (He/Him)
Daniel Culotta (He/Him) City of Austin Office of Innovation, Chief Innovation Officer (acting)
Matt Glazer (He/Him)
Matt Glazer (He/Him) Blue Sky Partners, Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer
Hei-Yue Pang (She/Her)
Hei-Yue Pang (She/Her) INCO, Special Advisor to INCO US
Legal Track
Founding, Funding, and Building Across Borders
Damien Amey (He/Him)
Damien Amey (He/Him) Boundless 1 Ventures, Partner
Chris Light (He/Him)
Chris Light (He/Him) Casual App, Head of Business Operations
Aaron Gailmor (He/Him)
Aaron Gailmor (He/Him) Brass Roots, Founder & Chief Eats Officer
Eunice Chendjou (She/Her)
Eunice Chendjou (She/Her) L'Africorp Capital, Founding Partner
HR, Talent & Culture Track
Living in a Tech city - Austin's Role in Bridging the Digital Equity Divide: An IUPRA, UT Podcast Live Event
Steven Pedigo
Steven Pedigo Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin | LBJ Urban Lab., Professor of Practice | Director
Carl Settles Jr.
Carl Settles Jr. E4 Youth, Founder/Executive Director
Kelsey Evans
Kelsey Evans UT Austin, Executive Director, Corporate Relations
Dr. Danielle Wright
Dr. Danielle Wright University of Texas at Austin, Associate Director of Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis (IUPRA), Assistant Professor of Practice, College of Education