Austin Startup Week 2021 Austin Startup Week 2021

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Managing a 360-Customer View as a Start-Up
Jon Loyens (He/Him)
Jon Loyens (He/Him), Chief Product Officer
Heather Hildebrand (She/Her)
Heather Hildebrand (She/Her)
Accenture Interactive, Managing Director
Djordje Jankovic (He/Him)
Djordje Jankovic (He/Him)
Planoly, VP, Product

Customer data is the key to understanding customer behavior and preferences, the latter of which is essential to building resilient and innovative business models and creating meaningful customer experiences. To create any kind of personalized experience, brands must have a customer data strategy. Large companies have the benefit of resources to acquire, manage and orchestrate vast amounts of customer data. At the same time, however, a larger size and scale can also make it difficult to act fast and stay ahead of customer demands. Smaller companies, on the other hand, have the benefit of simpler data sets and are typically more agile, making it faster and less complex to create new customer experiences.

In this panel, we will cover the following questions:

•        How do start-ups manage their customer data?
•        What can start-ups learn from large companies and what can they do uniquely that large companies cannot do?
•        How can entrepreneurs successfully strike a balance between invsting in customer data and martech and still moving quickly with the latest tech and approaches?|