Austin Startup Week 2021 Austin Startup Week 2021

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Entrepreneurship in the Age of Data Ownership: How Crowdsourcing Empowers AI-Driven Startups
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Dave DeCaprio (He/Him)
Dave DeCaprio (He/Him), Chief Technology Officer
Robert Matney (He/Him)
Robert Matney (He/Him)
Yonder, VP, Strategic Partnerships
Beth White (She/Her)
Beth White (She/Her)
MeBeBot, Founder and Chief Bot

There's a challenge almost every AI startup faces, yet almost no one talks about: how do you get enough quality data to train your algorithms? In a chat with industry experts, we will talk about various ways of harvesting data in budding and growing businesses, and how crowdsourcing can empower entrepreneurs to become data owners, whether they are working on their MVPs or scaling their successes.