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Discovering Profitable Spatial Problems: How to Match the Capabilities of AR, IoT, and Robotics to Customer Needs

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Llewyn Paine (She/Her)
Llewyn Paine Consulting LLC, Principal

Lean startup and user-centered design philosophies hold that businesses should first focus on the user and all else will follow. But the cost and specialized nature of technological innovation means that entrepreneurs are often already invested before they are able to fully explore customer needs. This is especially true for "spatial" technologies-such as augmented reality, Internet of Things, and robotics-which allow access to novel, unfamiliar users and industries that tech has never before been able to serve.

Spatial technologies demand approaches to product development that take customer needs and technological innovation into equal consideration. In this talk, I'll share processes emerging technology businesses can use to assess their technological capabilities, and then use those learnings as a foundation to create powerful hypotheses about where their products can provide measurable value to customers.