Austin Startup Week 2021 Austin Startup Week 2021
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From the Ground Up: Foundational Strategies for Building a Community Around your Startup


Christina Garnett (She/Her)
HubSpot, Senior Marketing Manager, Offline Community and Advocacy
Christopher Cantu (He/Him)
SXSW, Social Media Manager
Marjorie Anderson (She/Her)
Community by Association LLC, Founder
Tom Weingarten (He/Him)
Overtime, Head of Social Media, Overtime

When the world went remote and virtual in March 2020, brands with an established online community thrived. Every company wants to "build a community" but is unsure where to start and with what tools and tactics. In this session, Christina Garnett, a Senior Community Manager at Hubspot and originator of the trending #MarketingTwitter community, will lead a panel discussion on strategies to build a genuine community of prospects and clients for your brand to tap into for years.