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Overcoming the Odds: How I Raised $20M+ in Funding for my Startup


Ashley Rose (She/Her)
Living Security, CEO & Founder

As the CEO of Living Security, Ashley Rose has been the driving force behind the company’s rapid growth.  Since its founding in 2017, Living Security has raised more than $20 million for growth and product development and accelerated revenue growth for three consecutive years.  Ashley is also continually working to build a diverse and inclusive organization around the belief that the team should reflect the community at large.  An adaptable problem solver, Ashley is thoughtful and transparent in her approach to running the company and working with clients toward a singular goal: reduce risk by making people a security asset instead of a liability. Ashley has a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Michigan and is a serial entrepreneur with experience designing and managing product lines. After launching her career in the tech industry, she became intrigued by cybersecurity and its accelerating impact on organizations, individuals, families and communities.  She co-founded Living Security based on a philosophy that empowering people is the best approach to lasting security awareness and breach prevention.  She has also become a thought leader in the industry regularly contributing to Forbes among other publications.

Tina Dai (She/Her)
Silverton Partners, Principal

Tina joined Silverton Partners in 2020 to invest in and support founders as they build the companies that will shape the future. At Silverton Partners, Tina board observes for Self Financial, Ontic, The Helper Bees, InsiteFlow, and RoundUp App. Previously, Tina held roles at First Round Capital, Intuit, and McKinsey & Company.

Tina is passionate about elevating female investors and founders: she is the National Co-Lead for AllRaise’s Principal Cohort program to accelerate women’s careers in venture capital, is a founding member of the Beam Angel Network, and helps make angel investing more accessible with The Council. She is an active angel investor with a personal portfolio of 20+ startups.

According to Crunchbase, just 800 female-founded startups globally received venture funding through mid-December of 2020. That’s a 27% decrease over the same period the year before. Fifty-eight percent of startups have less than $25k at their disposal during the startup phase, and only 1% ever make it to $1M in revenue.

In this fireside chat with Tina Dai (VC at Silverton Partners) and Ashley Rose (CEO and co-founder of Living Security), Ashley will share her story of how she successfully raised $20M+ from top investors to build a company that is experiencing 3x growth annually. Meanwhile, Tina will share her insights as an investor at the most active, longest-running VC firm in Austin.