Austin Startup Week 2021 Austin Startup Week 2021
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Setting up a Modern Data Stack for your Startup


Blake Burch (He/Him)
Shipyard, Co-founder and CEO

Is your data driving your business forward?

By setting up a modern data stack, startups are able to transform data into valuable insights which can be used to make better informed business decisions and automate processes. New companies often face a lack of knowledge when it comes to creating and implementing data best practices into their developing team/company.In this session, you'll learn:

1) What the modern data stack is and how it can help scale your startup's operations.

2) What the stages of data operations are, how they interconnect, and which tools are the best choices at each stage.

3) How your internal data usage should evolve over time and how your data team should evolve with it.

4) What an end state of a solid data infrastructure looks like, following the principles of the Modern Data Stack.