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The Future is Femtech


Brittany Barreto, PhD (She/Her)
Coyote Ventures & FemTech Focus, General Partner
Kiki Freedman (She/Her)
Hey Jane, Co-founder and CEO
Sigi Marmorstein (She/Her)
BabyLiveAdvice, CEO and Founder
Dr. Fahimeh Sasan (She/Her)
Kindbody, Founding Physician OB/GYN & Chief Medical Officer

As TechCrunch reported, the femtech industry is projected to become a $50 billion market by 2025. A segment of this growing market — women's telehealth services — are bridging access by often taking a holistic approach to healthcare that recognizes the intersection of social and health realities. The symbiotic relationship between gender inequality, diverse social determinants, socio-economic status, and women’s healthcare requires a multi-faceted approach that can potentially improve prenatal care, maternal health outcomes, diagnostics, and even close the pleasure gap.

How can founders of femtech companies continue to make a concerted effort to advance women’s health equity through telehealth services as the market becomes larger? This panel will aim to address:
- Why is it necessary to take a holistic, wide-range approach to women’s health?
- How can Telehealth services contribute to health equity? (i.e., What role does improving broadband and tech infrastructure play in this? How is Telehealth being used in conjunction with in-person services?)
- What are a few direct examples of how Telehealth services address women’s health in a beneficial way that would not have been possible otherwise?