AVF — Venous 2022 Annual Meeting AVF — Venous 2022 Annual Meeting


Wednesday, February 23, 2022

AVF Science Session I: Abstracts

Moderators: Jose Diaz, MD,  and Fedor Lurie, MD, PhD

2:00 PM
TOP ABSTRACT: Clinical Implications of Genetic Variations of Venous Stasis Ulceration 
Rabih Chaer, MD, MS

2:15 PM
Mitigation of SARS-CoV2 Mediated Endothelial Injury via Suppression of the Epigenetic Enzyme KMT2A/MLL1 in Macrophages 
Sriganesh Sharma, MD, PhD

2:30 PM
Human Lymphatic Endothelial Glycocalyx-like Structure Electron Microscopy and Immunohistochemistry Identification 
Sergio Gianesini, MD, PhD

3:00 PM
Systemic Changes of Gene Expression in Venous Tissue Leading to Varicose Vein Disease Could be Potentially Treated by Targeting PSMA7 and DUSP9 Genes' Activity 
Mariya Smetanina, PhD

3:20 PM
Artificial Intelligence in the Research of Origins of Vein Insufficiency 
Niels Kuhlman

AVF Science Session II: Lessons of COVID-19 Epidemic and the Future of Clinical Research

Moderators: Fedor Lurie, MD, PhD, Jose Diaz, MD and Suresh Vedantham, MD

4:00 PM
A Difficult Time, Challenging Decisions: History of NIHBL Platform Trials 
Andrei Kindzelski, MD

4:20 PM
Interpreting Rapidly Changing Data for Clinical Use
Gregory Kasper, MD

4:40 PM
Do We Have New Research Questions?
Peter Henke, MD

5:00 PM
Panel Discussion

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Thrombolex Sponsored Breakfast Symposium

Next Generation VTE Treatment with Enhanced Thrombus Resolution


  • Anthony Comerota, MD
  • David Dexter, MD
  • Patrick Muck, MD
AVF Science Session III: Basic Science and Venous Ulcer

Moderators: Jose Diaz, MD, Fedor Lurie, MD, PhD, Peter Pappas, MD, and Alun Davies, MD

 8:00 AM
Tissue Remodeling in Genesis and Healing of Venous Ulcer: Similarities and Differences
Joseph Raffetto, MD

8:10 AM
Tissue Remodeling in Genesis and Healing of Varicose Veins: Similarities and Differences
Sarah Onida, MD

The GAPs and Future Directions. Do We Have New Research Questions?
Thomas O’Donnell, MD

8:30 AM
Panel Discussion

Scientific Session 1: Superficial Venous Disease and Imaging

Moderators: Nicos Labropoulos, PhD and Sergio Gianesini, MD, PhD

10:30 AM
Guideline Driven Therapy and Resolution Of Upper Extremity Vein Thrombosis in Hospitalized Pediatric Patients 
Megan Penna, MD

10:40 AM
Direct Oral Anticoagulants Are Safe \n Patients Undergoing Radiofrequency and Laser Ablation 
Heepeel Chang, MD

10:50 AM
Systematic Review and Cost Analysis of Routine Deep Venous Thrombosis Ultrasound after Thermal or Non-Thermal Endovenous Ablation 
Khaled Alnahhal, MD

11:00 AM
Clinical Results and Cost Effectiveness of Radiofrequency and Cyanoacrylate Compared With Traditional Stripping for Treating Varicose Veins 
Sandra Vicente, MD, PhD

11:10 AM
Thrombotic Complications after Thermal and Non-Thermal Endovenous Ablation: Outcomes of a Multicenter Real-World Experience 
Leigh Ann O'Banion, MD

11:20 AM
TOP ABSTRACT: Compression Following Endovenous Treatment of Incompetent Varicose Veins by Sclerotherapy (Confetti) 
Amjad Belramman, MBBS, PhD

11:30 AM
QS: Efficacy of Endovascular Laser Ablation for the Management of Venous Leg 
Ulcers Andrej Šikovec, MD

11:37 AM
QS: Analysis of a New Ultrasound Classification System Following Ablation of the Great Saphenous Vein 
Marianna Pavlyha, MD

11:44 AM
QS: Artificial Intelligence CEAP C0-2 Clinical Class Assessment Compared to Health Professionals and Patients Scoring 
Xenia Butova, MD

Boston Scientific Sponsored Lunch Symposium

Vein Stent Sizing:  Lots of Questions...Emerging Answers:  A Roundtable Discussion with Clinician Experts


  • Kush Desai, MD
  • Erin Murphy, MD
  • Paul Gagne, MD
  • Paul Chouinard, BSBME
  • Michael R. Jaff, DO
Scientific Session 2: Chronic Venous Disease

Moderators: Cassius Ochoa Chaar, MD, and Steven Black, MD 

1:15 PM
Clinical Factors Associated with Acute Iliac Vein Stent Thrombosis 
Amrit Hingorani, BS

1:25 PM
Symptom Relief and Reintervention After Iliac Vein Stenting: Long Term Outcomes Based on CEAP Classification 
Mr. Peter Cooke

1:35 PM
Use of Novel Dedicated Venous Stents Associated with Less Extension into the Inferior Vena Cava without Reduced Early Patency Rates 
Lillian Tran, MD

1:45 PM
TOP ABSTRACT: The VIVO Clinical Study Evaluating the Zilver Vena Venous Stent in the Treatment of Symptomatic Iliofemoral Venous Outflow Obstruction: 3-Year Subgroup Outcomes 
Anthony Comerota, MD

1:55 PM
QS: Initial Experience with Venovo Venous Stents in Thoracic Central Venous Occlusion and Near Occlusion 
John Matson, MD

2:02 PM
QS: Iliofemoral Venous Stenting in Patients with Central Neuromuscular Disorders 
Taimur Saleem, MD        

EVF/AVF Session: Joint Presentations with the European Venous Forum

Moderators: Patrick Muck, MD, and Steven Black, MD

2:15 PM
Laser Crossectomy
President Imre Bihari, MD, PhD

2:25 PM
Deep Venous Valve Reconstruction
President-Elect Oscar Maleti, MD

2:35 PM
Emerging Technologies in the Superficial Venous Space
Steve Elias, MD

2:45 PM
Diagnosing and Managing Varicosities of Pelvic Origin
Ellen Dillavou, MD

Physician-in-Training Session A: Superficial, Deep Obstructive, Compression, Post-thrombotic, Deep Reflux

2:30-2:45 Intro

2:45-3:15 Superficial Disease: Who needs treatment and what to use – Eric Hager, MD

3:15-3:45 Deep Disease: Obstructive/Post-thrombotic (leg symptoms, leg varicosities)- Steve Abramowitz, MD

3:45-4:30 Industry Hands-On Session: Learn and Handle Technology (snacks included)

4:30-5:00 The Top Five Steps to Prepare for the First Day of Your First Job: - Michael Jaff, DO

5:00-5:30 2 Case Presentations: Attendee Clinical Management (pelvic vein disease, superficial disease)

Poster Session and Welcome Reception - Sponsored by Tactile Medical

Join us to explore scientific posters, interact with our exhibitors, and network with Colleagues in the Exhibit Hall!

International Members, please be sure to stop by the International Members' Corner in the Exhibit Hall to network with your fellow travelers!

Friday, February 25, 2022

Medtronic Sponsored Breakfast Symposium

Superficial Venous Disease: A Path to Device Choice


  • Dr. Gloria Salazar
  • Dr. Misaki Kiguchi
  • Dr. Kathleen Ozsvath
  • Dr. Michael Shao
AVF Science Session IV: You say “VEIN” I Say “PAIN” – A Different View on Venous Pelvis Disorders

Moderators: Fedor Lurie, MD, PhD, Jose Diaz, MD and Kathleen Gibson, MD

8:00 AM
Chronic Pelvic Pain – Evaluation and Outcomes Assessment
Heather Wahl, MD

8:10 AM
Chronic Pelvic Pain – Disorders Coexisting with Venous
Georgine Lamvu, MD

8:20 AM
Clinical and Research Directions: Round-table Discussion
Fedor Lurie, MD, PhD Heather Wahl, MD, Georgine Lamvu,, MD,  Jose Diaz, MD and Kathleen Gibson, MD

8:40 AM
Questions and Answers

Scientific Session 3: Lymphedema and Wound Care

Moderators:  Kathleen Ozsvath, MD, and Sarah Onida, MD, PhD 

10:30 AM
Establishment of a Multi-Center Wound Registry to Collect Real World Data for Venous Leg Ulcers
Alisha Oropallo, MD

10:40 AM
Often Recommended, but Apparently Seldom Used – The Minor Role of Lymphoscintigraphy in the Current Diagnosis of Lymphedema
Tina Tian, MD

10:50 AM
Morbid Obesity and Lymphedema
Nicos Labropoulos, PhD    

11:00 AM
TOP ABSTRACT: Dermal Backflow, Detected by Near-Infrared Fluorescence Lymphatic Imaging, Is an Early Prognostic Marker of Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema
Melissa Aldrich, PhD     

11:10 AM
QS: Characteristics of Venous Leg Ulcer Patients at a Tertiary Wound Care Center
Ms. Alyssa Klein

11:17 AM
QS: Six Year’s Experience Application Of Dermal Matrix For Vascular Wounds 
Della Costa, MD

Inari Medical Sponsored Lunch Symposium

Conquering Clot – Bloodless Thrombectomy and Late-Breaking CLOUT and FLASH Data


  • Dr. Steven Abramowitz
  • Dr. David Dexter
  • Dr. Matthew Bunte
Scientific Session 4: Venous Thromboembolism

Moderators: Efthymios "Makis" Avgerinos, MD, and Mikel Sadek, MD 

1:45 PM
Microengineered Human Vein-Chip Recreates Venous Valve Architecture and its Contribution to COVID-19 induced Thrombosis 
Abhishek Jain, PhD

1:55 PM
Natural History of Below-knee Deep Vein Thrombosis in Neurosurgical Patients 
Georgios Tzavellas, MD

2:05 PM
TOP ABSTRACT: Markers of Pulmonary Hypertension in Patients with Submassive Pulmonary Embolism Undergoing Catheter Thrombolysis Compared to Anticoagulation Alone: A Secondary Analysis of the SUNSET sPE Trial 
Elizabeth Andraska, MD, MS

2:15 PM
TOP ABSTRACT: Improvement Following Restoration of Inline Flow Argues Against Comprehensive Thrombus Removal Strategies and for Selective Stenting in Acute Symptomatic Iliofemoral Venous Thrombosis 
Arjun Jayaraj, MD

2:25 PM
QS: Anticoagulation in COVID-19-Positive Patients on vv-ECMO 
Mayuri Patel, MD

2:32 PM
QS: Single Session Therapy for Iliofemoral DVT with 12 French Computer Aided Mechanical Aspiration Thrombectomy(12CMAT) Compared to 8 French Continuous Aspiration Thrombectomy (CAT8) 
Brent Robertson, MD

Physician-in-Training Session B: DVT, PE, SVT

2:30-2:50 Wounds and Veins – Misaki Kiguchi, MD

2:50-3:10 DVT/PE: Treatment Options: When and What – Robert Attaran, MD

3:10-3:30 Deep Disease: Reflux/Pelvic Symptoms (ovarian, renal, internal iliac) John Carson, MD

3:30-4:00 Lymphedema: 2 Cases Highlighting Practical Care – Nasim Hedayati, MD

Scientific Session 5: Venous Thromboembolism and Imaging

Moderators: Efthymios "Makis" Avgerinos, MD, and Alun Davies, MA, DM

4:00 PM
True Failures of Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) at a University Medical Center 
Kristan Probeck, MS, RN

4:10 PM
The Association Between Anticoagulation Duration and the Risk of Venous Thromboembolism in Patients with Lower Limb Superficial Vein Thrombosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 
Kirill Lobastov, MD, PhD

4:20 PM
Thromboelastography as an Adjunct for the Management of Thrombosis and Coagulopathy in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients: A Multi-Site Review
Susana Fortich, MD

4:30 PM
Time-course and Risk Factors Associated with Incomplete Thrombus Resolution in Pulmonary Embolism 
Rafael Cires-Drouet, MD

4:40 PM
Low Hospital Resource Utilization in Mechanical Thrombectomy for Pulmonary Embolism 
Matthew Bunte, MD, MS

4:50 PM
TOP ABSTRACT: Thrombus Chronicity Sub-Analysis of Mechanical Thrombectomy for Deep Vein Thrombosis in Real- World Patients: Six-Month Outcomes from the CLOUT Registry 
David Dexter, MD

5:00 PM
QS: Natural History and Surgical Treatment of Venous Aneurysms: A Retrospective Analysis 
Daniel Mendes, MD

5:07 PM

QS: Geographic Variation in Post-Operative Venous Thromboembolism in the United States 
Craig Brown, MD, MS

5:14 PM
QS: Microengineered Human Vein-Chip Recreates Venous Valve Architecture and its Contribution to COVID-19 Induced Thrombosis 
Abhishek Jain, PhD

5:21 PM
Optimal Clot Burden Resolution: An Interim Analysis of the PE-Rescue Trial
Anthony Comerota, MD

5:28 PM
ABRE 24-Month Study Data
Erin Murphy, MD


Cocktail Hour - Sponsored by: “Venous for All” - A DEI partnership of the AVF and Boston Scientific

Food, fun, entertainment, and time to spend with your friends and colleagues!

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Physician-in-Training Session D: Sclerotherapy, Lymphedema, Starting a Vein Practice

8:30-9:10 Industry Hands-On Session: Learn and Handle Technology (snacks included)

9:10-9:35 What Does a Vein Practice Need? Faculty and Attendees – Kathleen Ozsvath, MD

9:35-9:55 SVT (includes pregnancy, cancer, hypercoagulable) – Karem Harth, MD

9:55-10:10 Deep Infrainguinal Options: Post-thrombotic and Valves - Steve Elias, MD

10:10-10:30 2 Case Presentations: Attendee Clinical Management (wounds, deep obstructive)

AVF Highlights, Top Abstracts & Awards

Moderators: Antonios Gasparis, MD and William Marston, MD

8:45 AM
Update on the 2022 SVS/AVF/AVLS Guidelines and Meta-analysis on the Management of Varicose Veins 
Peter Gloviczki, MD

8:52 AM
The JURY Trial: An AVF Multicenter Trial to Evaluate Junctional Reflux and Disease Severity - Preliminary Data
Brajesh Lal, MD

8:59 AM
Results of the Venous Patient Out-Reach Survey (vPOS) 
Lowell Kabnick, MD

9:06 AM
The AVF-Caprini Risk Score Task Force
Joann Lohr, MD

9:13 AM
Updates on VQI
Marc Passman, MD

9:28 AM
VENOUS 2022 Top Posters (on-site/remote)   
Mikel Sadek, MD

9:34 AM
2020 JOBST Winner Presentation 
Eri Fukaya, MD

9:39 AM
2021 JOBST Winner Presentation 
Khanh P. Nguyen, MD

9:44 AM
AVF Jobst Clinical Research Grant Announcement 

9:46 AM
AVF Boston Scientific Translational Research Grant Announcement 

9:48 AM
Juzo Traveling Fellowship Award Announcement

9:50 AM
VENOUS 2022 Top Oral Abstract Announcement 
Cassius Ochoa Chaar, MD

Scientific Session 6: Chronic Venous Disease

Moderators: Antonios Gasparis, MD, and Kush R. Desai, MD

10:30 AM
Achieving Optimal Outcomes in the Treatment of Venous Outflow Obstruction: An International Delphi Consensus 
Steven Black, MD

10:40 AM
Gender Differences in Iliofemoral Vein Stenting for Chronic Venous Insufficiency 
Elyssa Dionne, BA

10:50 AM
Outcomes of Femoral-Popliteal Venous Recanalization in Patients with Severe Post-Thrombotic Syndrome: A Single Center Case Series
Leela Ekambarapu

11:00 AM
Initial US experience with the BlueLeaf® Endovenous Valve Formation System
William Marston, MD

11:10 AM
QS: For Occult Pelvic Masses, Combined Surgery and Stenting Results in Symptomatic Improvement
Sheila Blumberg, MD, MS

11:17 AM
QS: Multisystemic Presentation of Iliac Venous Compression Disease (May-Thurner Syndrome) that Improves or Resolve After Intervention: A Single-Center Experience of 189 Patient Analysis of Non-Thrombotic Compression Intervention and Outcome
Kurtis Kim, MD

BD Sponsored Lunch Symposium

Advancement and Innovation in Superficial Venous Treatment using the VencloseTM System


  • Erin Murphy, MD, FACS
  • Lowell S. Kabnick, MD, RPhs, FACS, FACPh
Scientific Session 7: Superficial Venous Disease and Imaging

Moderators: Faisal Aziz, MD, and Nicos Labropoulos, PhD  

2:00 PM
Relationship Between Anatomical Extent of Reflux and 5-year Results of Saphenous Ablation 
Fedor Lurie, MD, PhD

2:10 PM
Lessons Learned from Asymptomatic Patients with Complete Recanalization After Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Closure
Naoki Sakakibara, MD, PhD

2:20 PM
Incidence and Characteristics of Deep Venous Reflux in Patients Treated for Superficial Venous Disease with Ablation 
Keyuree Satam, BA

2:30 PM
Intraindividual Comparison of 1470 and 1940 NM Endovenous Lasers to Biomatrix Sclerofoam 

Niels Kuhlman

2:40 PM
QS: Effectiveness of Cyanoacrylate Closure and Compression Therapy Compared with Compression Therapy Alone in Healing of Venous Leg Ulcer Caused by Superficial Vein Reflux, A Randomized Controlled Trial 
Nuttawut Sermsathanasawadi, MD, PhD

2:47 PM
QS: Bilateral Endothermal Heat Induced Thrombosis 

Pavel Kibrik, DO