Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest 2022 Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest 2022

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Jewish Debt Forgiveness: Divesting our Communities during the Shmita Year
Aliza Cotton
Jewish Youth Climate Movement, Jewish Culture and Ritual Co-Director
Sarah Gorbatov
Sarah Gorbatov
Jewish Youth Climate Movement, Education Director
Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein
Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein
Jewish Federations of North America, Rabbinic Scholar and Public Affairs Advisor


As global climate actions turn towards pushing major financial institutions to divest from fossil fuels, we understand that a future-oriented towards climate justice requires a transformation of how we utilize money and monetary systems. To facilitate this transition, join youth leaders at the Jewish Youth Climate Movement and Torah scholars to draw from Jewish texts and teachings about the Shmita Year (the year of land restitution and debt forgiveness) in crafting our modern economic vision out of the prescient ideas of the Jewish past.