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Story Time: My Hair Is Magic

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Tonya Engel
My Hair Is Magic!

Tonya Engel is a self-taught artist and children’s book illustrator. Engel engages vivid color, symbolism, and narrative in her work. Her paintings in the book Rise! From Caged Bird to Poet of the People, Maya Angelou complement the lyrical storytelling. Her latest work in My Hair is Magic! helps gives life to M.L. Marroquin’s story about a young Black girl who loves her hair.

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M. L. Marroquin
My Hair Is Magic!

M.L. Marroquin is a reading intervention teacher and an emerging children’s author. Her debut picture book My Hair is Magic! follows the story of a young Black girl who loves her big hair despite those who want to contain it.

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If you’ve ever felt sometimes like your hair has a personality all its own, you’ll want to meet the feisty little girl at the center of ML Marroquin’s debut picture book My Hair Is Magic, who confidently celebrates her glorious hair, “big like clouds, SO beautiful it draws a crowd.” Artist Tonya Engel brings this magical hair to life in full color, using collage and acrylic and oil paints to create hair that transforms into a musical symphony, a ferocious bear, or ocean waves. Marroquin and Engel will read from their book and offer insights into its creation. Tune in live for your chance to ask questions and interact with the book’s creators! Donations received in connection with this event will go to support the Boston Globe's Globe Santa program.

Ages 4–8