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Storytime: I am Brown [pre-recorded]

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Ashok Banker
I Am Brown

Ashok Banker is the bestselling author of more than 63 books translated into 61 languages. His repertoire includes crime thrillers, essays, literary criticism, fiction, and mythological retellings, with the hugely successful Ramayana series credited with launching the genre of English-language mythological retellings. Banker is also an acclaimed screenwriter who created and wrote India’s first English TV series and co-created Malaysia’s, along with numerous hit shows. He is of Irish-Portuguese-Sri Lankan-Indian parentage and shuttles between Los Angeles and his birthplace, Mumbai. I Am Brown, with its “upbeat and uplifting” message about “the normalcy and joy of being brown” (Kirkus Reviews), is his picture book debut.

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Sandhya Prabhat
I Am Brown

Sandhya Prabhat is an independent animator and illustrator from India, based in the Bay Area. She holds an MFA in Animation and Digital Arts from NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia, and a Bachelor’s in Literature from Stella Maris College. Prabhat has published nearly a dozen picture books, and also animates videos, designs e-stickers and illustrates book covers. Her latest book is I Am Brown, written by acclaimed, bestselling writer Ashok Banker, a picture book with an “upbeat and uplifting” message about “the normalcy and joy of being brown” (Kirkus Reviews).

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Author Ashok Banker and artist Sandhya Prabhat have teamed up on the picture book I Am Brown, an exuberant celebration of the skin you’re in! “ I am brown / I am perfect” declares a child in the book’s opening pages, and she and a chorus of other voices join to share how they play, what they wear, where they pray, and what kind of grownups they aspire to become. Prabhat’s cheerful, colorful illustrations echo Banker’s joyful prose to create a radiant affirmation that will speak to all children. Watch Prabhat introduce readers to their book in this on-demand video and get a behind-the-scenes look at its creation!