Boston Book Festival 2021 Boston Book Festival 2021

BPL Roxbury Branch Reopening: BBF Unbound BEAT Tour

Saturday, October 23 | Nubian Square

The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc. (METCO) provides students with a strong academic foundation rich in cultural, educational, ethnic, socioeconomic, and racial diversity, fostering the opportunity for children from Boston and from neighboring suburbs to develop a deeper understanding of each other in an integrated public school setting.

We’re pleased to present a handful of interactive, family-friendly activities in partnership with the Boston Public Library as part of their celebration of the newly remodeled and reopened Roxbury Branch, which recently won an ALA/AIA Library Building Award. These activities are made possible with the support of the Wagner Foundation.

At 1pm, celebrate the new Nubian Square HQ for Boston’s METCO program by taking a Boston Education Activism Tour (BEAT) of Nubian Square. High school students in METCO—the historic voluntary school desegregation program between Boston and the mostly white suburbs—travel between worlds every day when they ride their buses to school and back. Now they want to take everyone on a journey into Boston’s past to uncover the dynamic history of the Black community in Roxbury. These young people will use Nubian Square’s landmarks, from the Dillaway-Thomas House to Hibernian Hall, to uncover the stories of decades of artistry, activism, and achievement. They will introduce you to the brave organizers who envisioned a better world, like Ruth Batson, Ellen Jackson, Melnea Cass, Mel King and more. The tour will culminate at the brand new Nubian Square headquarters of METCO itself, whose founding story has many lessons for today.