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Thursday, October 21, 2021

One City One Story
Chandreyee Lahiri
Chandreyee Lahiri
One City One Story, Thursday, October 21 | virtual
Alicia Anstead
Alicia Anstead
Thursday, October 21 | virtual

Sutapa and Shekhar are newlyweds aboard a stuck boat in the Sundarbans, with only their boatman Rehman to help. How will they, their boat, and their relationship last through the night, with the forest's inhabitants so close nearby? "Dumba Chora," this year's One City One Story selection by author Chandreyee Lahiri, tells the story. Find "Dumba Chora" at a location near you, or on the BBF site, then be sure to check out our conversation with the author, facilitated by Alicia Anstead, associate director for programming at Harvard's Office of the Arts. Sponsored by Plymouth Rock Assurance.