Boulder Startup Week 2020 Boulder Startup Week 2020

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Everything you ever wanted to know about branding but were afraid to ask
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Michael Benjamin
Michael Benjamin
Michael Benjamin, Independent brand consultant
Becky Herman
Becky Herman
Fadduh, Founder, Director of Accounts

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You’ve started a company, and now you need branding. But the process is so intimidating. What does branding mean exactly? How much does it cost? And what exactly do you get when you’re done? The branding process is like an eclair stuffed inside a Fugu blowfish—delicious and fluffy and creamy inside, but you have to cook it right or else it will kill you. This session features two branding experts talking about all the essentials for establishing your perfect brand, life-saving tips and tricks, and guidance on everything from process to finding your perfect match.

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