Boulder Startup Week 2020 Boulder Startup Week 2020

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

LIVE Podcast Interview with ImpactFounder: Pivoting During COVID
Kristin Darga
Kristin Darga
Impact Founder & Black Label Coaching, Founder & CEO

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Impact Founder is talking with founders who have found success during COVID. Success is defined by: growing rapidly, needs to hire, increase in revenue, or started a business. Lawrence Wall, Jr. has pivoted his company mTreatments to find that success. Listen as Kristin Darga guides Larry through his pivot story.

About Impact Founder: 

After there were two suicides of startup founders and the sudden death of a third Kristin Darga created Impact Founder, a series of humanized photojournalism and written stories of entrepreneurs' struggles and successes. Self-doubt is part of life and a way to reduce the feelings of failure or depression among founders is by sharing real accounts of 'regular' entrepreneurs.

Founders often confront the issue alone and lose their perspective. Since 2015, Impact Founder has gathered hundreds of stories of failures and triumphs of founders. We level up the stories of all types of founders, through in-depth inquiries delving into the failures and triumphs of entrepreneurs. Our Impact we are determined to make is to reach a vast audience and inspire readers by debunking the myth that entrepreneurship is sexy. Our stories use multi-media art to humanize and normalize what all entrepreneurs experience at one time or another in their journey.