Boulder Startup Week 2020 Boulder Startup Week 2020

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Marketing and Sales: Friends or Foes?
Harris Kenny
Harris Kenny
Kenny Consulting Group, LLC, Principal
Shawn Hymel
Shawn Hymel
Skal Risa, LLC, President

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Marketing and Sales. Communicate with customers and close deals, easy right? If only. Marketers and salespeople are often pitted against each other, pursuing competing goals and wondering what the other spends all day doing.

In this interactive team talk, we will use a Prisoner’s Dilemma-style game to show attendees/participants why it’s in the best interests of marketers and salespeople to work together. We will also explore the natural differences that cause them to move in opposing directions. This talk will include best practices in each of these disciplines and case studies to learn from.