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5 Reasons Your Website Is Scaring Away Your Best Customers (And How To Embrace Them During COVID-19)

All events will be online via Zoom.
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Greg Shanken
Gloss, CEO

Greg Shanken is a strategic online marketing expert and the founder of:

Gloss ( Full service marketing agency focused on web development, traffic generation, and online revenue optimization.

ClientSaber ( Inbound SAAS marketing platform that empowers web designers to easily find and close web design projects.

His areas of expertise include:

✓ Responsive Website Development ✓ Ecommerce Development ✓ Sales Funnel Strategy & Implementation ✓ Outbound Marketing Automation ✓ Marketing Consulting ✓ Social Media Marketing ✓ Online Reputation Management ✓ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ✓ Content Development ✓ Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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Whether your business is currently open or not, this is your opportunity to uncover the 5 biggest website “revenue-drainers” that are scaring away 30-70% of your online traffic.

Discover how you can fix 95% of these problems quickly and cost-effectively so your "post-pandemic" results are even better than before!

If Your Business Is Open: Do everything in your power to optimize your site and maximize your online results (because your competitors are).

If Your Business Is Closed: Embrace NOW as your opportunity to optimize your site (so you can hit the ground running when you reopen).

And whether you are open or not, discover NEW revenue opportunities triggered by COVID-19.

You will also learn: How to transform your site from "just an online brochure" (that's costing you money)... into a user-friendly, traffic-getting profit center. How to implement simple website improvements to increase your leads and sales right away (without breaking the bank). How you may be losing business every day (from simple elements on your website like forms & buttons). The crazy experiment that Amazon did to prevent lost revenue (and how you can copy it to thrive in 2020). How to prevent falling further behind your competitors (who have already implemented these tactics). And more...