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Appearances Aren't Everything, but They Are Something - Improving your Credibility Online and In Person

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Ali Kole
Meridien Partners / Sensually Embodied, Founder

Ali Kole is a beauty addict, CEO, advisor and investor.  After 16 years at McKinsey, Bain, Harvard Business School and Microsoft, Ali realized it would be a lot more fun to create a career aligned with her passion.  This led her to join luxury brand group LVMH, where she spent 8 years creating, acquiring and growing beauty brands, as SVP of Strategy & Business Development for Sephora and CEO of clean skincare brand Ole Henriksen.  She co-created Kendo, the brand incubator reshaping the beauty landscape with brands such as Rihanna’s Fenty and Marc Jacobs Beauty, and now advises beauty investors and brands.

Ali is also a personal growth and wellness devotee whose quest to “have it all” ignited 14 years studying and teaching with the world’s experts in intimacy and pleasure.  She founded Sensually Embodied, guiding women to connect to pleasure and reinvent what they see as beautiful, and - using her own marriage and career as a laboratory – helps women and couples maximize their personal and professional fulfillment, cultivating deeper intimacy, passion and freedom in all areas of their lives. 

Anne Liebman
SheStylesCO, Founder & Styling Consultant

Anne has always been passionate about the fashion and style world and possesses a natural talent for knowing what looks good. With her creative eye and adoration for working with people, she thrives in personal branding and styling with her own style consulting company—SheStylesCO. The idea of helping others look and feel their best is something she continues to put heart and energy into, beyond her vast experience in the creative field of marketing and advertising.

I believe style is personal. We all have unique personalities and lifestyles. Each and every day is composed of a series and unique combination of ‘events’ and happenings — whether it’s going from an early morning workout, to a coffee date with a friend, to a day at the office, that big pitch presentation meeting, to happy hour and then dinner. Or perhaps hiking up a mountain with the sunrise, lunch at the lodge and an evening class at the yoga studio followed by a wine date at home. Your day is comprised of more than just one piece, more than one ‘event’ that you need to dress for. Planning to tackle the day is more than just thinking about getting from one place to the next, but what will you be wearing for each? What layers, accessories, bag will you be carrying with you? And that thing about Colorado, where  the weather changes on a dime. Did it really just start pouring rain during my rooftop patio lunch?!

As your styling consultant, Anne will look at what you have, talk about what you need, and most of all, help you discover how you truly want to show up in the world, and emulate that through a style all your own! What does your day look like?

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Presenting yourself means selling your credibility and as much as we hope that people can overlook bias, the reality is that it still exists. Learn little tools to improve how you present yourself while presenting your product and company to prevent people from getting distracted from what's most important.