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EQ 101: How to manage strong emotions (even in COVID)

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Andrew Wien
Dynamic Leadership Center, Founder

Andrew is an ex-engineer and ex-management consultant turned speaker, trainer, and mentor. Andrew helps people better focus, manage stress, and show up for others as their best selves through exercises based in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and habit formation, all backed by neuroscience. He works with individuals and companies that work in fast paced, high stress environments that typically don't have time for training.

Andrew is a certified mindfulness and emotional intelligence facilitator, a certified habits formation coach, has led over 200+ trainings at companies, and has accumulated over 1,000 hours of a personal mindfulness practice.

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Stress. Anxiety. Fear. Grief. Boredom. Impatience. Anger. We experience strong emotions all the time. Learn how to fully face whatever you are experiencing with confidence. We'll learn how to turn toward, process, and manage strong emotions using tools based in mindfulness and emotional intelligence and backed by neuroscience.

It doesn't matter if you are angry at our government, stressed about finances, impatient from being trapped in your house, or fearful for the safety of loved ones. Managing emotions can be simple and FUN! Just follow the step by step process.