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Equity as the New Normal

All events will be online via Zoom.
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Aaron Clark
Equity Solutions, CEO & Founder

Aaron Clark is a multi-faceted technologist working to advance the placement of underrepresented groups in today's workforce. The core technical foundation of his working career has been as a freelance software developer building a wide range of technology solutions for clients ranging from small and mid-size businesses to large tech companies (Dolby, HP, Instacart). During his career, he has actively engaged and developed relationships helping to forge connections benefiting other software engineers.  Last year, Aaron founded Equity Solutions as a vehicle to further the work of creating actionable solutions at the intersections tech, equity & criminal justice reform.

Aaron is a current A* member & facilitator of /dev/color, a Twilio Champion, the Chair of Inclusion & DEI Track Captain for Boulder Startup Week , and active in multiple community workforce development projects.

Matt Zwiebel
Pledge 1% Colorado, Executive Director

Matt Zwiebel is the Executive Director of Pledge 1% Colorado. Having spent the first part of his career as employee #2 of an early stage startup and later helping run Galvanize, a co-working space and coding bootcamp, in Denver, Matt has turned his focus to helping Colorado entrepreneurs find creative ways of supporting their local community. At Pledge 1% Colorado, Matt’s work is centered on building a network of companies who set aside a percentage of their resources to be allocated to impactful non-profits in the area. Outside of work, Matt is an avid snowboarder and enjoys seeing live music as often as possible.

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As our world grapples with the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are promoting efforts to support those most vulnerable throughout our communities. Through that same lens on our own startup community, we envision an incredible opportunity to shift our thinking when it comes to all things hiring and culture-building for businesses across Colorado.

For this year's DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Track, we wanted to help co-create a more inclusive vision for what the future looks like for employees and businesses alike. So we asked our friend and mentor, Dr. Nita Mosby-Tyler, one of Colorado's leaders in the DEI space, "How do we set a new 'North Star' within our ecosystem that is more welcoming/inclusive/better than before?"

Join Dr. Nita Mosby-Tyler with Aaron Clark & Matt Zwiebel for a conversation on building strategies for the new normal. We’ll discuss what each of us can do to better integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into Colorado's startup/business community. After our conversation, your hosts will take live questions from the comfort of their favorite chair at home.