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How reinventing the wheel is draining your start-up - Prerecorded

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Chris Meyer
SolderWorks, Head of Innovation

Experienced entrepreneur with charisma. Complex and deep thinking come naturally as does bringing communities together to drive innovation. Mathematics and Computer Science degree from the University of Colorado, Y Combinator alumni, Tactical Product Manager at Sphero's R+D Lab, Founding Team at Misty Robotics. My work has been featured in numerous publications such as the Wall St. Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, CNET, Venture Beat, and the IEEE Spectrum.

Passionate about the 4th Industrial Revolution: the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices, edge computing, robotics, and augmented reality. 

Steve Bain
Festo Corporation, Industry Segment Manager, Food and Packaging

Steve Bain is the Industry Segment Manager for Food and Beverage for Festo US. A Chemical Engineer by degree, Steve worked for Kimberly-Clark and Ecolab in engineering roles before joining Festo in 2011. Steve works on a national level as a primary interface between Festo employees and customers to discuss innovative solutions for food applications and compliance with food regulations.

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If you like the smell of burning money and the sound of being yelled at by your board, then definitely don't attend this event, you're probably doing a great job getting what you like.

But for those of us that want to avoid smelling and hearing that, join Chris Meyer and Steve Bain to discuss what the typical mistakes hardware startups have been making time and time again: re-inventing the wheel. We'll show you where you can buy some great wheels that have been working and save you the brain damage of creating one from scratch.