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How to Pitch & Who to Pitch to in the Cannabis Industry - Prerecorded

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Celia Daly
CanopyBoulder, Director of Development & Operations

Celia Daly has extensive experience with startups in the cannabis industry. She currently acts as the Director of Development and Operations at CanopyBoulder, a venture capital fund and business accelerator. Her background in new industries and impact entrepreneurship supports founders as they start up in the cannabis industry.

Patrick Rea
CanopyBoulder, CEO

As CEO of CanopyBoulder, Patrick has led the creation of five investment funds. These funds have invested in over 100 ancillary products and services companies and innovative hemp and cbd firm.

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Federal prohibition and near-constant changes to the industry make cannabis a different industry than most. For businesses hoping to succeed in this space, it’s critical to understand who is looking for place capital in the industry and what exactly they’re looking for in a pitch.