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Panel On Remote User Research

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I’m a Senior UX Researcher with an academic background in psychology and education. My natural curiosity and desire to understand human behavior is what drives me as a UX researcher. Throughout my career, I have led UX research efforts on product teams across a variety of industries including education and enterprise software. I have a strong belief that successful products stem from an understanding of the people whom we design for. I am driven by the satisfaction of helping businesses achieve their goals, through contributing to this understanding of users.

Michael Bamberger
Tetra Insights, Co-founder & CEO

Michael Bamberger is the Co-founder & CEO of Tetra Insights, a research technology company based in Boulder. He has over a decade of experience working on product development, research, and data projects for leading global brands, including Citibank, CapitalOne, DirecTV, Google, Pfizer, PwC, Sony Music, Toyota, and Vanguard. Michael is a graduate of Dartmouth College and resides in Boulder, CO with his wife and son.

Shannon Halgren
Sage Research + Design, President & Sr UX Consultant

As the founder and President of Sage Research & Design a Boulder-based UX/HF consultancy, Shannon helps clients from a wide range of industries make their products great by infusing the voice of the customer into the design process. Shannon has extensive expertise and experience in UX Research, User-Centered Design, and Medical Device Human Factors.

Molly Rempe
AnswerLab, Senior UX Researcher

Hi there. I am a Senior UX Researcher at AnswerLab. I started my career building hardware products, moved jobs to tackle the big question of "what should we build" in a software innovation hub, and now I'm conducting rapid remote research for a UXR consulting firm. Although the types of products, the depth of research questions, and the project deadlines have varied during this time, I've always been passionate about bringing users (and non-users) into the process.

I'm excited to learn from you during Boulder Startup Week!

Tamara Hale
Workday, Research Strategy Manager

Tamara Hale, PhD, (she/her, they/them) is a Design and Research Leader who has brought technology, business and social science into productive dialogue to build inclusive, ethical products for close to 15 years.

She is currently Research Strategy Manager at Workday where she leads the Research Community and Research Operations across Workday’s suite of enterprise software products.

Over the course of her career embedding human insights into product and service development and strategy she has had the privilege of working with leading organizations in the US and Europe from government to software. She has a PhD, MSc and BSc in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics and is a Co-Organizer of Flatirons LGBTQ Tech, a Colorado-based professional group working towards increasing diversity and inclusivity within the technology industry, with over 900 members.

As a recovering academic, she often mentors graduate students, teaches undergraduate courses on Design Anthropology and sometimes publishes serious articles in journals such as the Journal of Business Anthropology, Annals of Anthropological Practice and Social Anthropology.

Tamara lives in Boulder, Colorado, where she builds lego parade floats with her daughter. Her UX title is Icon of Icons.