Boulder Startup Week 2020 Boulder Startup Week 2020


Thursday, May 14, 2020

Remote Relating Cocktail Hour: Using Experience Design to Reconnect in Uncertain Times
Amy Segreti
Amy Segreti
Relational Experience Designer

Join via Zoom

The password to join: bsw

A happy hour of experience design and conversation, with a live cocktail-making segment!

Join me for a drink in this brave and uncertain time as we explore ways that we as solo entrepreneurs can invite and create connective experiences from afar.

After a short cocktail-making lesson (first 10 mins; optional but highly encouraged), we’ll explore some methodologies of relational experience design and how to utilize them to build connections that persist (and maybe even grow) through unsteady times.

This workshop will teach you how to use interviewing, state-shifting, and a dose of the mystical to design nuanced experiences for yourself and others.

We’ll keep high regard for everyone’s individual risk profile and tolerance, but also be willing to try on new lenses of the possibility that can facilitate growth and connection.

You’ll learn:

* what abductive design is and how to create it

* interviewing to get to the heart of desire and longing
* how to use experience design to deepen relationships in the current times

This workshop will be led by Amy Segreti.
Watch Amy speak (originally on the TEDx stage, now on about experience design as a tool for enlivening connection:

Ingredients you'll need for the (optional) cocktail segment:

- decaf cold brew concentrate (or regular, if you're okay with caffeine in the evening)
- Campari (or Contratto Bitter)
- red vermouth
- orange peel (optional)

Or, bring your own ingredients and make something else together with us!