Boulder Startup Week 2021 Boulder Startup Week 2021

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A doc, an athlete, and AI walk into a bar...
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Precision fueling of the human system is the next breakthrough in Human Tech. Learn how to maximize your readiness, resilience, recovery, and longevity as an entrepreneur.

Human performance, mental and physical, starts with how you fuel your body and brain. This is true for elite athletes, military special forces operators, as well as you, the entrepreneur.

Although the human body is incredibly resilient, the demands of entrepreneurship are often such that the threshold of what the body can withstand while still maintaining optimal health and performance is exceeded. There is a demand to increase our resilience, lethality, and longevity and experts are looking at personalized nutrition as the solution.

However, nutrition is currently underutilized due to the difficulties of scaling a personalized approach and the prevalence of "cheap and easy" foods. Nearly 60% of the calories consumed by Americans come from ultra-processed foods like soft drinks, cereals, and packaged snacks.

"Truth number one is, humans are more important than hardware” according to General Richard Clarke, Commander USSOCOM, SOF.

Join our panel of human performance experts, athletes, healthcare professionals and founders working on solutions to make precision nutrition accessible.