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Authentic Mentorship: Creating and Leveraging Genuine Connection in a Professional Setting

Alicia Hines
mindsight llc, Insight Manager

After working in various roles in hunger relief for Oregon's second largest food bank for a number of years, Alicia got to a point where she was unclear about next steps in her career. Frustrated by the lack of models and mentors she found in her life to help guide that process, she began reaching out to successful leaders to cultivate meaningful connections that transformed into a network of invested mentors and sponsors. This group of trusted advisors has helped her shape her philosophies on career development and leadership and opened many doors for her in her career trajectory since. 

She is now a market researcher and strategist at mindsight ( where she is passionate about helping large and small brands connect with their consumers and make data-driven decisions about the direction of their businesses, brands, and product portfolios.

Betsy Doughty
Spectra Logic, Vice President of Marketing

B2B Marketing Technology executive that balances creative and data driven marketing to maximize business outcomes. Passionate about team development, mentorship, and advocacy of women’s leadership in the tech industry. 

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Corporate Branding | Lead Generation | Campaign Management | Marketing Automation | Digital Marketing | Website Design | Innovation and Product Marketing | Channel and Vertical Marketing | Event Planning | PR

PERSONAL INTERESTS: Wellness enthusiast with a passion for fitness and nutrition:

FUN FACTS: I read 91 books in 2020. I am a bulldog mom. I am an avid traveler, my last big trip was to Egypt. I am a Murderino (if you know, you know). My high school mascot was the Racers and we had racecars that drove laps around the field when we scored a touchdown. Cooking is how I find "flow". 

Many of us can point to fulfilling experiences where someone shared knowledge or paved the way for us in our career. It's great when that person happens to be your supervisor or colleague, but it can be daunting to find ways to foster those types of meaningful connections if they don't naturally present themselves.

No matter the stage of our career, there is always more we can learn, as well as much we can share. So, in this session, we will explore the different types of mentorship, how to find and develop genuine connections with other professionals, and ways to give back to those coming behind us.