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Entrepreneurs Creating Social Change in the Media

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Tim Huelskamp
1440 Media, CEO
Vanessa Otero
Ad Fontes Media, CEO

Vanessa Otero is the creator of the Media Bias Chart and the Founder and CEO of Ad Fontes Media.

A licensed patent attorney in the Denver, Colorado area, Vanessa holds a B.A. in English from UCLA and a J.D. from the University of Denver.

Grace Oliva
Colorado Impact Fund, Vice President

Grace joined the Colorado Impact Fund as a Research Analyst in 2014 and became a Vice President in 2020. Previously, she was working in the oil and gas industry as a Data Analyst. After graduating from college, Grace lived abroad in Japan where she taught English at a private school and university.


She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Amherst College in Massachusetts. She’s originally from Los Angeles, California and now lives in Denver, Colorado. In her free time Grace enjoys hiking, cycling, and traveling.

In the past several years our news sources are now suddenly the subject of their own news stories. From Russia hacking our election with misinformation, to Ronan Farrow's story of challenges getting Harvey Weinstein's transgressions published at CNN, the story is out. Big money and people with agendas are behind the information we consume. Meet entrepreneurs who are doing something about it and what it's like innovating in this space.