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Founder Conflict, Leadership, and Mental Health: A Love Story

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Melanie Kruger
Red Canary, VP Talent
Eric Wu
TaskRay, Co-founder & CEO

Eric runs a technology company, but his priority isn’t tech—it’s people. Inside TaskRay, he is committed to creating a culture where employees have the freedom they need to live full, messy, complicated lives while feeling valued and worthy as team members. Those values ripple outward, positively impacting customers who use TaskRay by helping them elevate and focus on the uniquely human elements of their business.

An engineer by training, Eric combines his talent for pattern recognition with deep emotional intuition to spot and resolve confusion early on, helping him build trusted relationships with employees, customers, and partners.

With his leadership experience in software, data storage, and cybersecurity, Eric has contributed to the success of Fortune 500 companies and brand new start-ups alike. From delivering the first consumer-branded product at Seagate to heading Product at the VC-backed startup Fuser (where he secured 17 patents), Eric’s industry experience has shaped his understanding of what it takes to build a successful company that supports meaningful growth.

In the ten years since founding TaskRay, he and his partners have grown a bootstrapped startup into a multi-million-dollar enterprise with over thirty employees. In growing the company, Eric has learned that the courage to lead comes from a willingness to be truly seen. To him, leadership is about serving and bringing unconditional love to those who choose to follow you.

According to, "Companies with multiple cofounders outperform solo founders by 163%. But 65% of startups fail due to cofounder conflicts." The cofounder relationship is incredibly important to get right and is equally important to maintain. We have two co-founders willing to get personal and vulnerable about their experience building trust, losing it, falling apart, and then coming back together again. You do not want to miss this panel!