Boulder Startup Week 2021 Boulder Startup Week 2021
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Founders and Feelings. Let's Get Real.

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Justin Kruger
Project Helping, Founder
Randall Hartman
Groundwrk, Founder

Randall Hartman is the Interactive Director and Founder of Denver-based website and branding agency Groundwrk. Hartman has been leading web design and development projects since 2011 with clients such as Frontier Airlines, RE/Max, GolfTec, The Boppy Company, Air Methods, and hundreds of additional small to midsize businesses. He also sits on the Associate Board for Project Helping since 2019.

Kate Garrigan
BlueSuit, Head of Design | Co-Founder

Kate Garrigan is the Head of Design and a Co-Founder of BlueSuit. Her work focuses on education through considered design — the idea that users can learn simply by pursuing their own goals and motivations, and the best ways to incorporate disruptive/new technology into existing business paradigms. Her previous work includes time teaching at the City University of New York, research on how digital products affect university classroom learning, and designing interactive products for pre-literate children. When she’s not designing, you can find her fussing over her garden, writing science fiction, or hiking one of Colorado’s many mountains.

Bennie Fowler
Beanzzz INC, CEO

Bennie Warren Fowler, III, the founder and president of Beanz, LLC, is a seven -year veteran of the National Football League.  He began his career as an undrafted free agent signed by the Denver Broncos in 2014.  Bennie was a member of the 2016 Denver Bronco Super Bowl 50 Championship Team and may be best remembered for having hauled in the final pass of soon to be Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. Currently, Bennie is a member of the New Orleans Saints.

Bennie earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Michigan State University in 2014.  At Michigan State, he was a member of the 2014 100th Rose Bowl Championship Team, ending a twenty-six year Big Ten and Rose Bowl appearance drought for the Spartans.  As such, Bennie has the distinction of having played in and won both the 100th Rose Bowl and 50th Super Bowl.

Bennie attended high school at the acclaimed Detroit Country Day School where he earned additional athletic notoriety as a member of the 2007 Class B Basketball State Championship Team and as a member of that year's State Champions in Track in Field.  Bennie holds an individual Michigan State Championship for long jump in 2008.

In 2020, Bennie became a best-selling author on Amazon with the publication and release of his first book, Silver Spoon, The Imperfect Guide to Success (Lioncrest Publishing).  Silver Spoon represents Bennie’s continuing journey to fulfilling his purpose and service.  He discovered after being cut by the Chicago Bears that balance is key. He instructs us that “Winning is a progression. Losing is a lesson.” And that it is important for your mind to be where your feet are; to be present.

Bennie’s interest in brain development stems in large part from his purposed health maintenance regiment to prolong his professional football career.  He is a fervent advocate of the neuroscience technique of brain-mapping, which assists him in localizing the immediate recall skills associated with multifaceted play structure in an intense and fast-paced aggressive environment.

Bennie is a trained co-active coach and professional speaker through the NFL speakers bureau and effective presentations speaking company

Bennie effectively commingles the triumphs and tribulations of his long NFL career, with his corporate experience to teach individuals to leverage their true gifts as they journey to a more fulfilling life.

Founders are 2X more likely to suffer from depression, 6X more likely to suffer from ADHD, 3X more likely to suffer from subtance abuse, 10X more likely to suffer from bi-polar disorder, 2X more likely to have psychiatric hospitalization, and 2X more likely to have suicidal thoughts (Reference: TechCrunch). And, they have to do it with their entire teams watching and looking for any signs of doubt, the weight of the success and promises to investors on their shoulders, and in the public eye. Let's get candid in this panel. Fresh from his own conversations about mental health in the media, Justin Kruger will moderate this panel and go deep with panelists on the struggles they face and how they cope. This one is not to be missed!