Boulder Startup Week 2021 Boulder Startup Week 2021
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Happy Hour for Physical Product Addicts!

- MDT 8
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Jenney Loper
Zebulon Solutions, Director of Operations

Jenney began in manufacturing at age 6 working in her father’s Boulder county machine shop.  After receiving her undergrad in Physics, she gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges of product design and how poor planning during the design phase can cause long-term and expensive impacts in production over the last 20 years.  In 2007, she launched JSL Solutions primarily as a sourcing agency, but after seeing the biggest needs of her clients were not aligned with the supplier relationships she had, she pivoted her firm in 2016 to provide project-based operations services to help start-up and young companies plan for manufacturing throughout the design process.  In 2019, JSL Solutions was acquired by Zebulon Solutions where Jenney serves as their Director of Operations, specializing in helping start-up companies build their operational business infrastructure for scalable growth.

One of the great things about BSW is the people you meet, but if you’re developing a physical product it can be difficult to connect with a community and resources relevant to the challenges you face. The reality is your challenges don’t stop at the end of BSW and there continues to be a need to connect with physical product people for guidance, questions, and help. In the shutdown last year, the Physical Products Track launched a Slack workspace for the community – but the community is only as big as the people who make it up, so we are ‘re-launching’ this year. 

We are a group of seasoned veterans who understand the common challenges in creating physical products. So, bring a drink! Or three... and join us (our support group) for conversations and networking for those addicted to making stuff. Email [email protected] about your addiction to receive an invitation to join the (support group) workspace.