Boulder Startup Week 2021 Boulder Startup Week 2021
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How To Ensure That The New Processes Stick

- MDT 11
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Alex d'Annunzio
Onfido, Product Operations - Product Performance Lead

Experienced strategic problem solver with a proven track record of delivering. Design and deliver on complex projects through building relationships, curating cross-functional working groups, making data-driven decisions and process optimisation. Leader of large scale national and international projects across a wide range of industries including, FinTech, mobility (MAAS), EdTech and education. Driven to help others and continue personal growth, by mentoring future leaders and receiving coaching from senior leaders across different industries.

Astrid Verstraete
Ops Consultant

I'm a London based Ops consultant. I started about 3 years ago and have been active in operations in startups and scaleups for 7 years now. I love helping early-stage founders build their first processes, hire their first ops people and coaching more junior ops people. 

I also co-organise an ops community called Ops Stories. We're just over 350 members who are primarily London based. It's a great platform to learn from one another and establish a dialogue to understand our role better and find more clarity in our career paths. 

Finally, I'm a co-founder of Operations Nation, we strive to create a content hub for ops professionals in startups and scaleups. The resources are current space and scattered all over, we want to create a space for ops people where they can easily find any relevant information. 

Jie Low
Beam, ManiLife,, Head of Operations

As an experienced Head of Operations, I’ve helped scale 3 early stage startups across healthtech, food & the homelessness sector. I enjoy developing motivated, high-performing customer facing teams and am skilled at implementing strategy & designing processes that optimise an organisation's service delivery & customer journey.

Robin Scharf
Crozdesk, COO

COO at - SaaS comparison marketplace and lead generation partner for vendors focused on providing intent data, high quality lead programs and high value net new client relationships.

Hardcore focused on being a generalist. I don't do anything very well.

Boulder <> London Ops Stories Event:

Have you ever tried to implement a new process and it's just not worked? Come and join some Operational experts from Europe to give you some insights into our highs and lows. See you all soon!

Ops Stories London: a UK-based community group devoted to all things operations in startups and scaleups! Started in March 2018 they now have 250+ active members who learn from each other by discussing challenges and shring stories, experiences, and advice. Most importantly, they help one another be more effective and grow in their ops roles. It's a place to share experiences and advice, and expand their networks both online and offline through member events and social meetups.