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Laughing our way to Resilience Community Happy Hour

Daedre Malone
WILD Council, Community Outreach Chair

The WILD council is a values-driven, professional networking group who give back to aspiring leaders, the community and each other.  

As community outreach chair, my goal is to coordinate the fostering of meaningful connection through mentoring, community engagement, and dedication to diversity and inclusion

We are resources for each other and our community to learn, grow, inspire and be inspired.  And inspired YOU shall be as we partner with Laughter on Call.  Dani Klein Modisett is the incredible founder and CEO of this amazing start-up.  Their number one goal is to create connection through shared laughter.


Come join your (new) friends at the WILD council and create connection through shared laughter! This informal happy hour is open to anyone and everyone. The fun folks from Laughter on Call will show you how to take care of your own health and well being while strengthening your RESILIENCE, just as they have for well known clients; Deloitte, Harvard Business School, Microsoft, Salesforce, and the list goes on and on.