Boulder Startup Week 2021 Boulder Startup Week 2021
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Remote Work and Resistance. Easing Struggle with Mindfulness

- MDT 37
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Peter McEwen
The Field Meditation, Founder

Peter McEwen wants you to be less busy. He is often uncomfortable, and that’s perfect. 

Peter founded The Field Meditation to provide instruction and support for practitioners that are balancing the dizzying array of work and family commitments that modern life demands.  

In a society that prioritizes output, meditation, and mindfulness practices are often conflated with self-optimization. Instead, we can view meditation as a tool that reveals our immediate experience - discomfort and all - as a reliable source of well-being and problem-solving.

Peter is also a designer and editorial photographer who specializes in interactive, product, and brand design, and teaches at the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Julie Fredrickson
Chaotic Capital

I’m a founder with experience in retail and e-com businesses across all stages. I’ve raised from venture, PE, and crazy people. for everything from cosmetics to online advertising. A couple of my companies even exited and are still around.

My first company was Coutorture Media, a luxury affiliate publishing and e-commerce network acquired by Sugar Inc. I then founded playAPI, a developer tool kit and SaaS platform for digital brand marketers. Most recently I went physical with Stowaway Cosmetics a direct to consumer cosmetics brand, which is now part of WIN Brands Group. Currently I'm angel investing and helping my portfolio companies with communication and marketing needs.

Chris Shiflett
Matter, Co-founder

I’m an entrepreneur working at the intersection of science, design, and technology. I try to bring out the best in people.

Andrew Hyde
Glider, Director

Founder of Startup Week (all of them but Boulder was the first). I love empowering communities through technology.  

Startup professionals are being confronted by a wholly different way of operating and producing value for their organizations. This new way of engaging with personal and professional reality evokes resistance which then leads to a sense of pervasive struggle.

In our discussion we will address the notion that unorthodox arenas demand unorthodox solutions. The modern professional is not a monastic and has an array of responsibilities that don't always accommodate long periods of sitting meditation.

We can explore mindfulness methods that get us from sensations associated with the ability to stay alive (fight, flight, freeze, please) to tolerating contradictory experiencing and uncertainty. Finally, we can discuss the value of the practice of unconditional kindness to the full range of our experience.